Friday, October 06, 2006

Back to L

Oh my, i'm back to size L again. I fell in love with this white blouse at Kamiseta while shopping at the mall earlier. I thought I was still a size medium but when I tried it on, it didn't seem to fit right. So with a heavy heart, I asked for the next size. To add to my poignant distress, they ran out of large sizes. The sales clerk offered to call two nearby outlets to check if they have stocks but apparently they ran out too. Gosh! It certainly wasn't my day. T

The scale confirms it. I gained a whopping ten pounds. *sobs!* I lost fifty pounds during the last six months only to gain back ten pounds. Tsk! Tsk! That's terrible.

That's it! I need to go on serious dieting. I need to. I have to! So after feelind depressed about that blouse thing, i decided to buy slimming tea. I hope it works. *crosses my fingers*

I also bought my diet allies ... whole wheat bread, canned tuna in brine, oatmeal and some yogurt. After losing fifty pounds, I became a slack ... went back to my softdrinks and junkfood spree. I'm now regretting those glasses of coke and bags of chips.

I was very ecstatic to drop down to a medium size but it seems short lived. I'm now back to a size L. Damn my uncontrollable eating habits.

Feeling depressed about my weight gain, Jules asked me if I wanted to enroll for some badminton lessons under his coach. He has always been encouraging me do to so but I always found an excuse. Now, the timing is right so I finally agreed. Badminton is a great form of exercise and it will probably help me shed some weight in the process.

I noticed a weird expression on Jules' face when he realized the things that we need to buy before I start my lessons:
  • badminton racquet and shuttlecock

  • badminton shoes and bag

  • sport shirts and shorts

I guess he's thinking about all that added expenses this month. :D

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