Friday, September 29, 2006

Effects of Milenyo's Fury

The power is back! We had no electricity for a day and a half because of the storm. That's why I can't help but rejoice when the electrical company resumed the power. I crossed my fingers and hope that the DSL was working. I'm so happy when I got my wish. :)

We experienced heavy floods in our village. A small amount of water got inside the house but we were able to elevate some important things to protect it from getting wet. We're still very lucky compared to other people who got injured or who lost a loved one during the storm.

I took some pictures during the height of the storm and after.

Our village was ravaged by flash flood. We were caught off guard by the rampaging water. The flood was so strong that it tore down the village perimeter wall infront of us. It was very scary to see the gushing muddy water outside our home.

Our Village Wall Collapsed Because of Flash Flood

Prior to the collapse, my husband and a maintenance crew were creating some holes on that wall to ease the flood. Little did they know that it was ready to cave in. When they realized that the water was getting too high, they decided to abandon efforts of creating holes on the wall and retreated to our house. Minutes later, the wall collapsed. My heart pounded when I realized that they could have been injured if they remained there. They would have been swept by the water down the creek. Who knows what could have happened if their decision to leave came minutes too late. I kissed Jules at that moment and I thanked God for saving my husband and the other men from harm.

Scary Sight from the Window

Bended Trees

Uprooted Trees

As we surveyed our village, we saw many scattered debris like fallen trees, pieces of wood and steel from houses. The billboard at the village entrance was shred to pieces. There was even one house that lost its gate. That gate was washed away by the flood and winded up several streets away.

The storm has passed but it left many scarred for life. Super typhoon Milenyo has left countless people homeless and worse, some had lost their lives during the onslaught of harsh winds, strong rain, flash floods and landslides.

I'm thankful to God for protecting my family from danger. Many are still reported missing until now. I pray that they will be found alive and safe. I hope that God will spare us from another destructive storm.

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