Sunday, September 10, 2006

Joy Ride

The boys having a joy ride.

Behind the scenes: Yohan cried at first because he thought they were leaving me behind. We couldn't convince him that they will just drive around and will be back for me in a little while. To appease him I agreed to ride with them. He even wanted Yaya to ride with us too. We just told him Yaya will ride in the basket. He didn't look back and assumed she was indeed there. ha! ha!

The three of us drove around Mama Norma's broad backyard. Imagine, the three of us riding in that small scooter. It was fun but after a while, the scooter conked out. It just wouldn't start. O-oh! It wasn't even ours! We broke Keats' scooter. Shame. Shame.

Jules brought it to the shop to have it checked. Nothing serious. It just "ingested" some sand but it sill cost P250 to have it cleaned. Life!

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