Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yohan's Tito Keats

Keats is one of Yohan's favorite uncles. Yohan adores him because of his generosity and child-like approach. They enjoy playing with each other.

Keats has a soft heart for Yohan. He is very generous to my son. In fact he always has a surprise present for him even though there is no special occasion. He gave Yohan his first Power Ranger action figure when he found out that Yohan loves watching it on TV.

Keats' Gundam models are for display only. Each model is meticulously put together so each figure is handled with care. They are displayed to be admired and not to be played with. But it seems Yohan knows how to weave his magic around his Tito Keats. I was surprised when Keats allowed Yohan to play with his precious Gundam collection.

Yohan wanted to take the models home but I explained that it was not his, but only borrowed. He reluctantly agreed to return the models to Keats.

I told Yohan that I could help him write a letter to Santa asking for a Gundam toy for Christmas. I also told him to be a good boy so that Santa will grant his request. He seemed very excited about the idea.

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