Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fickleness of Nature

Ten minutes ago, the sun was blazing hot. It almost felt like a typical summer day. We were contemplating of going to the clubhouse pool for a swim. But it's amazing how nature can change in just a matter of minutes. As I opened my computer, I noticed the gray clouds forming in the sky. The glorious sun seems to have disappeared and in a matter of minutes, the sky has been enveloped in dark gray clouds. I could hear faint thunder in the background. Flashes of light make me pause. I'm not really afraid of lightning and thunder but sometimes, its intense power can be quite overwhelming.

I remember when I was young, my mom would tell me to put a blanket over the mirror (the one near the window) 'coz it might attract lightning. I did it without question. Now I wonder, was there any real danger? Did a mirror inside the house really have the potential of attracting lightning. I doubt it ... but one can never be sure. It took very little effort to cover the mirror so I guess it wasn't a real waste of time. If it made my mom feel better, then it was worth it.

The rain has now dissipated. The sun is peeping behind the clouds. The sky is not as dark compared to few minutes ago. Some clouds have cleared but there's still a feeling of gloominess in the air. Nature still appears undecided ... rain or shine? I wonder what it will be next. Talk bout nature's fickleness.

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