Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ice-cream Boo Boo

Had a little misunderstanding over ice-cream. Yup, over something so insignificant as ice-cream. Half-way thru lunch, I decided to bring out the Ube ice-cream for Yohan. Jules objected to the idea, saying I should bring it out after Yohan has finished his lunch. I was about to do that but it was too late 'coz the little boy saw me holding it already.

Fine! I should have waited 'til after lunch. But it didn't ruin his appetite. He was happily eating his lunch with side scoops of ice-cream. What was the big deal?!

I thought it was settled but the lil' boy's Dad kept blabbering about table dos and donts. Fine, I made a mistake but why can't he let it go? I couldn't take it anymore! The child in me took over. I made the abrupt move to put away the ice-cream, finished or not finished. Realized how stupid I was when Yohan started crying. I immediately said sorry to Yohan and assured him that everything was okay and he can resume eating his ice-cream. He was back to his normal self in a second.

Shame on us!

I was quite ashamed for acting so childish but so should his Dad! Arggh!
In order not to let it balloon to a real argument, I just went upstairs in a fit.

Petty isn't it?

Oh well, we can just kiss and make-up later ... and perhaps share some ice-cream. For now, I'd rather make a post and do some blog reading. It always calms me down. :)

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