Saturday, March 31, 2007

Turtles and French Cake

Dear friends, before anything else, I'm very sorry if I haven't been around to visit you lately. I'm behind on my visits 'coz I've been a little busy. I promise to make it up to you soon. Thank you for your kind wishes. Take care!

I spent my birthday with Jules and Yohan. We watched TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). I was so proud of Yohan because he was at his best behavior at the movie theater. No restless movements, no wondering around and most of all he was very quiet.

During our past movie dates, Yohan would often talk inside the theater, usually to ask questions. Sometimes I would feel a little embarassed because Yohan's voice would suddenly break the silence inside the movie theater. Thank goodness I never heard a single disgruntled movie goer. Maybe they were more understanding towards young children. Besides, we only bring Yohan to movies that are children friendly. The last one we watched was Night of the Museum.

Before we went inside the theater to watch TMNT, I told him to whisper in a soft voice if he wanted to tell me something. Surprisingly, he followed my request. The only time I heard him talk a little loud was when his Dad dug into his popcorn. Yohan protested, "Dad, not so much!" I almost laughed upon hearing my son's objection to his Dad's action. Jules and Yohan each had their own popcorn to begin with but Jules finished his too quickly. :)

We all enjoyed the movie. I remembered when I was younger, I also loved watching the cartoons of TNMT with my brother.

Saw some good movie trailers. Looking forward to the next Harry Potter and the Transformers.

In this picture, Yohan and I were about to enjoy a lovely dessert at Bizu. This small, delectable french cake is called Amour. See the chocolate bow on top? Yummy!

We also had some fun at the arcade. Yohan enjoyed playing fire fighter. I forgot the name of the game but I was fascinated that real water came out of the hose to put out the fire (form of a light) in the building. Yohan enjoyed several more games before we went home.

Yohan fell asleep in the car ... sign of a tired but happy lil' boy.

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