Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yohanism #2 (fomerly Fun Chats with Yohan #2)

I'm going to share fun conversations with Yohan from time to time. I have renamed my earlier conversation with my son as Fun Chats #1 to keep track of amuzing exchanges.

Here are some recent ones:

Me: Yohan, kindly throw this banana peel in the trash can.
Yohan: Ok, mommy.
Then I heard him saying to the trash can ...
Yohan: Lunch time.

Yohan: Where is Miko? (our white dog who passed away middle of 2006.)
Me: He is in Heaven.
Yohan: Where is that?
Me: A special place in the sky.
Yohan: Let's go to Heaven and bring Miko back.

Yohan: What's the name of Pinnochio's father?
Me: Guissepe.
Yohan looks at me in a weird way.
Yohan: No, it's Geppetto
Me: Oops, sorry, mommy forgot. You're right Yohan. Very good.

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