Sunday, March 11, 2007

Being a Friend to My Son

Yohan is our only child (for now that is) and I noticed how excited he is whenever he sees his cousins or whenever he attends his classes at The Little Gym once a week. Most of the days, he just has us to keep him company. He doesn't have playmates in the village either.

My husband and I make it a point to be his playmates and friends. We engage in countless make-believe scenes that Yohan loves. He enjoys mimicking his favorite movies. Lately, Yohan loves to role play scenes from Night at The Museum. Funny how he would appoint us our roles as if he was the director.

Sometimes, we would just put out his Thomas the Tank Engine tent and spend the afternoon playing at our small backyard. He has many toys which have been accumulated over the years and we try to rotate them so he won't get tired of them easily. Yohan loves looking at pictures in his books and he often asks me to read a book for him.

There are so many wonderful activities that Jules and I enjoy with Yohan. He is growing up so fast and a day will come when he would prefer other playmates. One day he will have his own set of friends and would get tired of playing with us. Before that happens, Jules and I would like to take advantage of this time and have all the fun we can have as a family. Life after all can pass you by in a glimpse. I just don't want to miss out on anything.

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