Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Day of Pampering

I had a full day of pampering yesterday.

First, Jules dropped me off at Rever in Makati and had a haircut, hair color and eyebrow threading. My hair had become quite unruly and I knew it was time for a hair cut. I have telltale signs of white strands (something I inherited from my dad; he had early signs of white hair at a young age) so I needed to have my hair color redone. The color is barely noticeable because I still prefer a dark shade. You can see some signs of reddish brown when the sun shines on my hair. Otherwise, it looks like ordinary black. My eyebrows have lost its shape so it was also the perfect time for threading.

Going to salon is a special treat to myself.

I've been going to the same salon since college. When I got married, I moved far south and the drive going to Makati takes about 1 1/2 hours. It's quite a long way considering that there are many good salons in Alabang (30-45 minutes away). But I'm too afraid of going to a new salon and risking another hair 'nightmare'. Several years ago, I tried another salon. It was a reputable salon and had many clients. Their services were much cheaper too. But I got out of the salon feeling terrible. I hated my haircut! I went home and cried. I had to wait several months for it to grow back before having it styled again. This time, I went back to Rever and vowed never to take my chances in a new salon ever again.

When I was done at the salon, I went to Glorietta to meet Jules. He watched the movie 300 while waiting for me. I was glad that he enjoyed the film. We had a simple lunch at World Chicken. We did a little shopping and went to our facial appointment.

My facial clinic is also in Makati so I would often make appointments for a hair cut and facial on the same day to maximize gas consumption.

Jules and I had our (overdue) facials. Maggie, my skin therapist who became a friend as well, was happy to see me again. The last time I was there for a treatment was October of 2006. Oh my, that was 5 months ago. Tsk! Tsk! Note to myself: I should take better care of my skin.

Jules had his usual mint facial while I had my purifying facial and slush treatment. Jules has good skin so he doesn't need all those extra treatments that I go through.

It was truly a rejuvinating day.

Then we went to Serendra ... more on that on my next post. :)

What's your day of pampering like?

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