Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yohanism #1 (formerly Fun Chats with Yohan #1)

As I said in a previous post, time flies so fast. I feel as if it was only yesterday when I bought these cute socks for my baby. But more than three years have passed and my baby has grown into a young boy.

Yohan is a late talker. He started saying a few words when he turned two years old. His vocabulary slowly improved but not as quickly as we hoped for. I was really worried although our pediatrician explained that speech development is not the same for all kids. Some children, more often boys, take longer time talking compared to girls. It was only when Yohan turned three that he started using sentences.

That's why it warms my heart to hear his conversations with various persons. Here are a few funny exchanges that I wil always remember with a smile.

Random Conversations with Yohan:


We were having lunch at a family get together last year. Yohan had rice, pancit (asian noodles) and fried chicken on his plate. Jules and I had an assortment of food on our plates including some small shrimps. We were eating when Yohan suddenly exclaimed ...

Yohan: Dad, can I have some of those orange insect?

Jules: Do you mean this? (pointing to the small shrimps)

Yohan: Yes.

Jules: (with a big smile on his face and trying his best not to laugh out loud)
Yohan, that's not an insect. Those are called shrimps.

We are very careful in introducing foods that might give Yohan allergies like shrimps. That was why at that time, he didn't know what it was called. We realized it was about time for him to try one so Jules gave Yohan a shrimp but he didn't like it.

That funny exchange gave us a good laugh afterwards as we shared it with the family.


Yohan clearly knows what the word "hot" means. I often make sure that the food is not too hot for him by blowing on each spoonful.

When we order food at the drive thru, the french fries are still hot. Yohan is always anxious to take a bite but I tell him to wait a little while I blow on one before giving it to him. Given these examples he knows that hot food might burn his tongue.

One time, we were at my mother-in-law's house. Yohan saw his Ninang Chona eating some chips so he asked for some. He was already holding one when I noticed the kind of chips they were. I knew that those chips were a little spicy so I told him ...

Me: Yohan, try a small bite first because that might be a little hot for you.

Yohan looked a little bewildered and went to give me the chip he was holding.

Yohan: Mommy, please blow.

Oh my, I realized that he thought it was hot in a different context, when I actually meant it was spicy. After that funny incident, I explained to him the meaning of spicy so he will understand the word when I use it next time.


We were in a family reunion when Jules saw his cousin arrive, who happens to be a priest. His cousin came over to our table and Jules introduced us.

Jules: Yohan, this is Father Tonet.

Yohan: He is not my father. You're my father.

It was really funny and we tried not to laugh because it might hurt Yohan's feelings. We explained to Yohan that a priest is also called a "father."


Someone found a large grasshopper. Everyone was excited to show it to Yohan. He was curious but quite wary of the insect. He knew what it was based on pictures but he never saw one that big before. I was even afraid to hold it.

Yohan's Uncle Mark decided to play a trick on Yohan ...

Mark: Come Yohan. I'll show you something. (He pretended to swallow the grasshopper but he just hid it in his other hand.)

Yohan: You ate it?

Mark: Yes, it's delicious.

Yohan: Hakuna Matata. (then he laughed)

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds because we didn't know what he was talking about. Then I came to the conclusion that he was referring to the animated film, Lion King, where a warthog named Pumbaa loves eating insects and would often say "Hakuna Matata."

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