Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Generous Blog Tip from Yvonne

According to Yvonne, Blog Tipping is a tradition of choosing three blogs every first day of the month. The objective is to briefly outline the "blog focus and name three things it has going for it and then finish with a small tip."
Yvonne Russel of Grow Your Writing Business has included me in her Blog Tipping Day for the month of March.

Thank you Yvonne for this wonderful honor. I'm touched that you have thought of me in such a positive way. I will always be grateful.

Let me share with you what Yvonne has written about my humble blog ...

Heart of Rachel
Blogger - Rachel

This blog shares the everyday life centred around Rachel’s family and friends.

Rave Reviews
1. The warm, friendly family focus of the blog - I’m a fan

2. Very regular posts, photo hunts and other shared activities, encourage daily readers & a real sense of community

3. Great photos and photo editing effects

Small tip to consider
Just keep doing what you’re doing. It works well.

Quoted from Yvonne Russel

I think Blog Tipping is a marvelous idea! Thank you Yvonne for sharing the gift of Blog Tipping Day. I am excited to start mine next month. I agree with you that it's a wonderful way to "support our fellow bloggers".

Such a lovely way to start the month. I'm truly inspired!

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