Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Madness

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Once again, our good friend tricia has offered some questions for our answering!

1. Do you believe in reincarnation?
I find the concept of reincarnation interesting but as a Catholic, I do not believe in it.

2. Do you own any anime figures?
No, we don't have any in our house.

3. Are you one of the fanfic writers over at
No, this is the first time I've heard of it. I'll check it out later to get an idea about it.

4. Do you review stories which are posted in

5. Are you looking forward to seeing the third Spider-Man film?
Yes, especially my husband and my son. They love Spider Man.

6. Are you looking forward to seeing the Fantastic Four sequel?
Not really.

7. Do you like "Deal or No Deal"?
I enjoy watching it from time to time.

8. Are you a television watcher?
Not much but I enjoy a few like Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Smallville.

9. Do you write letters to people?
I love writing letters and cards to family and friends. Even though it is so easy
to send e-cards, I still prefer sending cards the old fashion way (snail mail).

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