Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrate Each Day

The most visible joy can only reveal itself to us when
we've transformed it, within.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Sometimes I feel that time just pass by in a glimpse. That's why it helps to pause for a while and embrace the moment. Enjoying some peace and quiet helps me think of my life. A time like this makes me realize how lucky and blessed I am.

Allow me to celebrate this day and be thankful for what I have. When I think about it, there are so many things that I should be grateful for...

  • my cotton pajamas
  • soft pillows
  • a warm embrace from my husband and son
  • kisses from Yohan and Jules
  • parents and a brother who love and spoil me
  • Jules' mom doing much better
  • knowing that my loved ones are in good health
  • early birthday presents from my parents and brother
  • an adorable boy calling me "mommy"
  • my Yaya (nanny) who has been with me all my life
  • Yohan's beautiful smile
  • cellphone bill stating that I have overpaid my last statement so I only need to pay P103.00 ($2.15) this month
  • freshly baked pizza made by Jules
  • walking Bruno and spending some quality time with him
  • hearing an old favorite song on the radio
  • mailing a birthday card for my aunt
  • singing Barney's song with Yohan
  • watching Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episodes 10-17 on DVD
  • lunch date confirmation with friends this Saturday
  • carpenter reporting for work to do our new cabinets
  • sharing a chocolate bar with my son
  • nice afternoon breeze
  • a lovely weather
  • perks of having DSL
  • joy brought by looking at old photos
  • an invitation to the 1st birthday celebration of my best friend's (Lyonnel) daughter
  • Yohan's dinosaur growls
  • my son taking a nap so I could spend some time on the computer
  • new comments on my blog
  • an inspiration for this post

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