Thursday, March 29, 2007

Labor of Love

Thank you to everyone who have greeted me happy birthday. I really appreciate every sweet and kind greeting.

Jules and Yohan were very busy earlier. They baked birthday cupcakes for me. They worked very hard because they insisted on giving them to me before midnight. Yohan didn't want to sleep early because he was eager to help his Dad with the cupcakes.

Here are the lovely carrot cupcakes that Jules and Yohan made for me. Yummy! I appreciate the time and effort they invested for this wonderful gift. Notice Yohan's different shirt? He got icing on his white shirt so I changed him. :)

Jules gave Yohan a chance to decorate his own cupcake and our little boy had a marvelous time.

Here are some extra cupcakes they made for me. I love you too Jules and Yohan. Thanks for making me feel special and looking forward to a special day ahead.

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