Saturday, March 03, 2007

Photo Hunt :: Salty


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The white ones are regular eggs while the red ones are called Salted Eggs, or locally known as Itlog na Maalat or Itlog na Pula ("pula" is red in english). Salted eggs are one of the traditional delicacies in the Philippines.

How to make your own Salted Eggs:

  1. Choose fresh eggs and wash them.
  2. Immersed the eggs in super-saturated solution of salt in a wide-mouth jar. Put the eggs one at a time and make sure not to crack the shell. For every 2 gallons of water (tap water, not distilled) you will need 1 lb. of coarse table salt. Mix together and stir solution until most of the salt granules are dissolved. Add water gradually.
  3. Cover the jar with the lid and leave the eggs for a period of at least three weeks to thirty days in room temperature.
  4. After the said period, the eggs are then removed from the salt solution and boiled.
  5. The salted eggs sold in the market are usually dyed red to distinguish them from ordinary eggs.

Salted eggs are often cut into small pieces and mixed with sliced tomatoes and served like a salad. I personally like eating it with fried fish or grilled fish or meat.

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