Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ouch is An Understatement

I was with my son, Yohan and my pet labrador, Bruno at the playground yesterday. I was holding Bruno's leash on one hand while sitting on the bench. I was happily watching Yohan playing when suddenly Bruno dragged me. He saw a cat and got excited. Bruno is quite a big dog and he is very strong! I'm thankful that I didn't land on my face when he dragged me across the street. I wished that stray cat didn't turn up all of a sudden. As a result, one of my fingers got entangled in Bruno's leash. Ouch! I didn't blame Bruno. I should have been more alert knowing there were stray cats in the area. But my poor finger! My third finger on my right hand is swollen ... an angry red and it hurts while I type. But I just couldn't stay away from my computer so I'm typing slower than usual. Life!

updated (11:28 pm): Original title: I Blame It On the Stray Cat!
I decided to change the title after I received a comment from Gattina. She's a nice lady and has a passion for cats. She's right, that cat was just minding his own business. I just feel quite sore and a little cranky so I thought of pointing my finger at that innocent passerby who made Bruno go crazy.

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