Thursday, January 11, 2007

When My Questions Were Answered

I've always had mixed emotions about the future. It's a fusion of excitement, anticipation, nervousness and occasionally fear of the unkown. I wonder about how things will go, what will take place in certain events, what emotions will I go through, so on and so forth. I encountered many questions about life in general. Then the answers came to me, sometimes with gentle impact and a few times with a forcefulness that stung.

Let me share with you some random questions that came up while I was still in school. Here are a few I could still recall and the answers that came with them.

  • Grade 3. There was going to be a major change when I reached 4th Grade. I will have to spend the whole day in school instead of the usual half day I was used to. Will I find it hard to adjust when I reach Grade 4? I was quite worried that time.
  • Verdict:Not at all. I found out that it was fun to spend the whole day in school. There were a lot of exciting and interesting activities lined up when I reached 4th Grade that I really enjoyed.

  • Grade 7. I kept thinking how high school will be like? Will my friends still be my classmates? Are the subjects going to be tougher? Teachers stricter?
  • Verdict: High School was fun. Most of my friends were still my classmates and I met new friends as well. I realized that Math subjects became tougher (LoL) but I was glad teachers were generally nice.

  • 3RD Year High School. I was attending our High School Dance. I saw a girl from the higher batch kissing a guy on the lips. No teacher was nearby so they must have ceased the moment. I wondered how my first kiss would feel like.
  • Verdict:It wasn't exactly what I expected. Couldn't go through the details but it was a stolen kiss and not a pleasant one I must say.

  • 4TH Year High School. How will I fare in the NCEE? Will I be able to go to a good University? I wanted to go to Ateneo or UP. I totally wanted a change in 'scenery'. I took 3 college entrance exams: Ateneo, UP and DLSU. St. Scho was not an option. I just couldn't stay in the same walls that have confined me from Prep to Grade 7.
  • Verdict:I got a good NCEE result and got into a great university. I didn't get into my dream school, Ateneo. Sad to say, I didn't make the cut. I was on a waiting list in UP so my obvious choice was DLSU. It's a good University but I've always dreamed of a school in a different location. You see, DLSU was just across my old school, St. Scho. So the environment was too familiar for comfort.

  • 1ST Year College.Who will be my friends? Will I fit in class? Will I like my blockmates? I was excited about the whole college thing plus the fact that it was co-ed. I went to an exclusive school for girls for 12 years so I was thrilled with the idea of having male classmates. What a refreshing change.
  • Verdict:I met my friends Chary, Len2, Mare, Michelle and Sheryl. They were my blockmates and College barkada (a term for a group of friends). We fitted very well in class. We are still good friends until now. Sadly, Michelle has passed away last December because of cervical cancer.

  • 2ND Year College.Should I shift or not? I was contemplating of retaining my Liberal Arts major (Psychology)but changing my Commerce major from Marketing to Business Management. I was drawn into Business Management because of the thought of putting up a business of my own someday. I also thought that BM had cool and fun activities like BM Week were 'companies' made-up of graduating BM students had the chance to sell their products in the campus. It was a great activity.
  • Verdict:I didn't shift. I stuck with my original majors and realized that it was very interesting afterall. Marketing Management had its own highlights.

  • 3RD Year College. I had my first boyfriend. I was in love for the first time in my life. Will he be my first and last?
  • Verdict: No. He broke my heart even before we reached our first year anniversary. We somehow remained friends all these years. We still keep in touch during special occasions.

  • 4TH Year College
  • What career path will I take? Will I be a successful career woman?
    Verdict: I had a good career in Marketing and Sales for several years but I was forced to leave work because of a difficult pregnancy. I haven't been back to work for a while but I plan to revive my career this year.

I continue to encounter questions along the way. Many relating to my family. I just hope that when the answers come to me, everything will be favorable.

Now,let me share my class picture in 3RD Year High School. Can you spot me in the photo? I'll make a personalized, animated Avatar for the first one who answers the question correctly. Click on the photo for a bigger view. Idea inspired by Toni and Jo.

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