Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Double Tag :: 6 Strange Things About Me

Thank you Kia and Nancze for tagging me to Share 6 weird/strange things about myself.

Actually, I've done this meme already a few weeks ago but let me re-post my answers for both of you. I was originally tagged by Anne.

6 Weird Things About ME:

THE RULES: Write ‘6 weird things about you.’ Tag six net friends & leave a message in their blogs. These rules are supposed to be written in the blogs of those who have been tagged.

1. When I was in grade school school, I never threw away my pencils even though they became too short to hold properly. I kept all short pencils in one pencil case. I didn't want to throw them because I felt 'sorry' for them.

2. As a child, I loved watching Raggedy Anne and Andy. They are dolls that come alive when nobody is looking. I had plenty of dolls when I was a girl. I often arranged them in a circle and pretended to go down. I always waited behind the door for a few minutes then I would open the door hoping to catch my dolls having fun and talking to each other. As expected, I never caught them vulnerable. Ha! Ha!

3. I'm paranoid. I worry about the smallest thing. I cannot function well when I have an unsolved problem.

4. I find it hard to sleep alone. I sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the morning and feel someone is after me. Must be due to all those horror flicks I enjoy watching.

5. I never point at rainbows because as a child I was told that my finger would fall off if I did. When I grew up and realized it wasn't true, I still coudn't point at a rainbow.

6. [On my original post, I was only able to come up with five things but I will complete it for this post.] I went to driving school twice and finished both programs but I don't drive. In the Philippines, there are many stray dogs in the street. There were instances when I tried driving but I always ended up braking several times because of stray dogs. I have this weird notion that I might hit a dog. Thus, I don't drive. I depend on my husband to drive me around. I wish I could somehow overcome this weird fear.

Just like on my original post, I will bend the rules a little and not tag anyone. But I would like to invite those interested to try this meme. I think it's challenging to reflect on the 'weird' things about yourself and have the courage to admit them in public.

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