Thursday, January 04, 2007

Quality Play Time

Jules and I spent the other day playing with Yohan. Our young boy was very happy and excited because we were both there to spend some quality time with him. Jules gladly set-up Yohan's train tracks at our lanai and the three of us spent a nice afternoon together.

Yohan loves playing make believe. Sometimes he surprises me with his vivid imagination. He enjoys playing train driver and conductor at the same time. When we were playing he assigned me and Jules as his passengers.

Yohan decided to liven up the playscene by setting up a farm with all the farm animals. We were amuzed when our boy also put dinosaurs and reptiles on one side and jungle animals on another. He also grouped his insects in one corner.

I guess Yohan decided to have a whole animal soiree so he later on had all the animals, prehistoric and not, mingle with one another. ha! ha!

It was a fun family afternoon.

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