Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Best Friends

Chary, one of my dear best friends is celebrating her birthday this Jan. 21. She'll be busy with her board review for Nursing so she invited me to celebrate her birthday in advance. We had lunch at Tempura at ATC where we ordered California Maki, Ebi Bacon Wraps, Ebi Tempura and Squid Rings. The food was good but I enjoyed our exchange of stories more.

We continued our nice chat at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I tried their flavored Macchiato for the first time. I didn't go wrong with Caramel Macchiato. Their blueberry cheesecake was delectably rich. I think I'll come back there more often.

It's fascinating how we seem to know what each other is going to say after barely starting the sentence. We know each other very well. We hide nothing from each other. Our friendship has gone a long way since College. We've learned more about one another, both good things and bad. We have learned to accept each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Life's ups and downs are easier to go through when you have a best friend who you can share everything with. No fear of rejection nor judgement. It's the unconditional love that makes it truly beautiful.

Do you have a best friend too?

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