Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday's Feast #6

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Feast One Hundred & Twenty Six

What comes to mind when you see the color orange?

Bright. Young. Funky.

Did you ever get in trouble while you were in school? If so, what was it for?

Yes, when I was in 2nd year High School. A friend from the upper batch asked me to hand over a sealed letter to a teacher at the faculty. I didn't know that the letter revealed names of cheaters in class during an exam. If I knew, I would never let myself get involved. It wasn't even my class nor my batch. Those girls whose names were mentioned in the letter cornered me during my PE class and interrogated me about the letter. It was a terrible mess. Good thing, they realized that I was 'used' without my knowledge. I learned a valuable lesson. Never to be so trusting and gullible again.


Which topping(s) make up your perfect pizza?

I love pepperoni and different kinds of cheese toppings.

Main Course
Do you believe in UFOs/aliens/etc.? Why or why not?

I think it's possible that we're not the only inhabitants in the galaxy. It's too big and we haven't even explored it yet. Maybe there are other intelligent lifeforms out there. I just hope they won't bother or harm us.

What color is your bedspread/comforter/quilt?

Right now, it's blue with yellow stars and white moon design.

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