Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tagged: What Blogging Has Done For Me

Dine (a.k.a. Sexy Mom) of The D Spot has tagged me to share on what blogging has done for me. Sorry Dine for being late on this.

1. Blogging has become a daily activity that I look forward to each day. It's like a nice treat that awaits me after a long day.

2. I realized that it's a good venue to meet new friends and lots of interesting people.

3. Blogging helps me improve my writing skills.

4. I'm learning how to tinker with HTML and other interesting Codes/Scripts.

5. Blogging is a good way to relieve stress. It's like a form of refuge especially when I feel a little down.

6. I'm always excited to check my blog for new comments. I'm happy everytime I receive a new comment because it means that someone took time to read my post.

7. Blogging is the same as keeping a journal of my thoughts and feelings. I love going through my old posts and I know that in the future, I can fondly read my blog and remember the memorable moments in my life.

How has blogging affected you?

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