Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tagged: Dare to Bare 5 Secrets

I was tagged by Dine of The D Spot to bare 5 of my secrets.

1. I used to have a big crush on our neighbor when I was in college. He lived right across us. Luckily my room faced their house. I would wait until he got home then I would peek behind the curtains just to get a glimpse of him. I had a knack for telling if it was his car that arrived. Yeah, I admit I was a bit pathetic! He eventually became my brother's friend but I was too shy to even have a decent conversation with him.

2. updated 1/19/07: I'll think of a new one to replace this. *wink*

updated 1/22/07: Sorry it took a while but I had a hard time thinking of a replacement. Here it is: When I was 4-yrs old I put some soil inside an empty candy wrapper and gave it to my younger cousin. I told him it was chocolate and he believed me. He ate a little of the soil and cried when he realized it wasn't chocolate. I told him that I will give him my last chocolate as long as he stopped crying and promised not to tell. A naughty little girl's practical joke.

3. I dated someone I knew already had a girlfriend. Tsk! Tsk! Shame on me. Don't worry, they didn't break up because of me. On the contrary, the three of us became good friends later on. The guy and I stopped dating then we just became good friends. He introduced me to his girlfriend and the friendship just developed. It was a weird set up if you think about it but at least it was a happy ending.

4. I flunked a very easy subject in college because of excess absences. My friends and I were always cutting classes to go to the mall. They flunked too.

5. My colleague at work flirted with me. He was a married man so I never encouraged him. I kept my distance to the point of being rude, until he eventually got the message.

I won't be tagging anybody. But feel free to bare 5 of your secrets if you're up to it. Let me know if you do. :)

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