Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mamang Sorbetero

The distinctive sound of a bell ringing in the street especially during summer days is like an irresistible call that urges you to go out of the house. The sound of the bell comes from someone peddling a pushcart of home-made ice-cream. This person is also fondly known as the "mamang sorbetero". He sells different flavored sorbetes or home-made ice-cream on the streets. He does not have fancy flavored ice-cream like Mangoes 'n Cream and Mint Pistachio but he has the common flavors that Filipinos love like cheese, mango, ube (purple yam), and chocolate.

You can have your sorbetes in a wafer cone.

My SIL and my son waiting for their sorbetes.

You can also have sorbetes in a cup. Chances are "mamang sorbetero" has some bread buns if you care for ice-cream sandwich. I've seen many people enjoy ice-cream in a bun but personally I prefer my ice-cream in a cone or a cup.

Sorbetes is a lot cheaper than the ice-cream you buy at the supermarket. It has a unique taste that Filipinos love.

Yohan enjoying his sorbetes.

Since I'm discussing about ice-cream, I remembered how fun it was making our own ice-cream popsicle using Play Doh. It looked so real that you would be tempted to taste it. :)

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