Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #66 - Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar

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Fulfilling My Ice Cream Cake Craving

I mentioned in one of my older posts how much I crave for Ice Cream Cake. I think the last time I had Ice Cream Cake was back in early grade school. My friend, Teacher Julie, mentioned about Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar in TriNoma which I kept in mind.

Last Saturday, I finally fulfilled that craving when my family and I had a last minute change of plans. We were supposed to go to ATC (the mall we always frequent) but on the way there, Yohan mentioned that he wanted to ride a train someday. Hubby suggested that we go to Glorietta, park the car there and take the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) to TriNoma. We got excited about the spur of the moment idea. We thought of it as an adventure since we've never been on the MRT and it was going to be our first time to visit TriNoma as well. So off we went.

The MRT experience was exciting at first. Yohan had a big smile as he took his first step inside the MRT. He enjoyed looking out the window as the train progressed. The trip back was not so pleasant because the train was packed with people. It was terribly hot and the smell wasn't exactly something to smile about. Oh well, at least Yohan got his wish to ride a train. I don't think we'll be riding the MRT again any time soon.

TriNoma is a nice mall but it seemed so hot inside. Perhaps the summer heat and the large number of people inside easily defeated the mall's a/c. We went straight to have lunch at Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar. Here are the dishes and desserts we ordered (I included the price to give those who want to try the resto an idea) ...

Hubby's choice: Baked Fish Spinach (P295)
Creamy fish dish with mozzarella and spinach. Hubby enjoyed his meal.

My Choice: Chicken Steak (P275)
The chicken fillet was alright but the mashed potatoes were dry and bland. Adding some gravy helped a little but I wasn't able to finish it.

Yohan's Choice: Chicken Fingers and Fries (P195)
I forgot to take a picture. It's a typical chicken fingers dish with French fries and honey mustard dip.

Ultimate Chocolate Milkshake (P165)
My son was happy with his smooth, thick & creamy rich blend of chocolate ice cream.
I borrowed the waiter's hat with a cow stuffed toy for the left shot. Too bad the cow couldn't be seen well but believe me it's cute. :)

Five Cows newest best seller:
Swiss Banana Pie Slice
Hubby and I enjoyed this one very much. Yummy!

Yohan's choice: S'mores Cake (P95)
Yohan enjoyed every mouthful of this chocolate ice-cream in
graham-butter cookie crust with toasted mallows.

Dessert Lovers

Drinks: Bottomless Iced Tea (P75)
Mineral Water (P35)

Five Cows
4th Level (near the cinema)
TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon, Metro Manila

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