Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Deals in Prescription Glasses

We are all aware of the current global financial crisis being experienced around the world. During tough times like this, people should learn to value money and become a wise consumer. We should make it a point to be careful with our purchases but that does not mean that we should sacrifice the quality of goods we are buying.

Take for example, buying a pair of prescription glasses. According to a New York Times article, people often spend hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars on eye care. If one is not careful, it is so easy to spend a large amount of money on a pair of eyeglasses. A wise consumer compares prices, product features, promotions, and more in order to find a good deal of prescription glasses in the market. The New York Times article claims that eyeglasses are cheap and sells generic frames. Another good thing about them are the lenses equipped with anti-scratch coating. You can get a great deal as low as $8. This is considered as a great bargain considering that an average frame costs $118.

I checked the site and I personally like the simple Aluminum Alloy Full-Rim Frame eyeglasses. I prefer a brown or black frame color. I also like my eyeglasses to be light weight but extremely durable.

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