Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Days of Summer

I realized I haven't updated my blog since Monday. I've taken the time off to enjoy the first few days of summer vacation. I'm sorry for my late visits. I'll be returning your visits soon.

What have I been doing lately?

  • Extending Zzz - I love summer. No need to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock. I can sleep late and wake up late as I please.
  • Watching DVDs - I enjoyed watching a few DVDs at home like Australia and Bride Wars.

  • Reading - I finally had time to read Breaking Dawn (the last book of the Twilight Saga).
"You and me. That’s the only thing that matters. The only thing you’re allowed to think about now. Do you hear me?"
Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 4, p.69
  • Malling - The mall is a good place to go to escape the summer heat with the family. We've been to TriNoma last weekend where we had some delicious ice cream cakes. We also went to Glorietta recently where hubby and I bought Yohan a foldable mattress. We're gradually training Yohan to sleep on his own bed. He has been sleeping on his own (beside our bed) for three days now. So far so good.
  • Going to the Movie - I watched Race To Witch Mountain with my family. We enjoyed this Disney movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Anna Sophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig and Carla Gugino. I like Dwayne Johnson. He easily makes me laugh.
The movie was great but I certainly did not appreciate a group of teenagers coming late inside the theater and making irritating noises as they went to their seats; not to mention blocking our view. I think they were totally rude. Noisy movie goers is one of my pet peeves.

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