Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #64

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Yohan's Kennel

(How To Make a Miniature Kennel)

My 5-year old son loves different kinds of toys. Among his favorite toys are his Transformers action figures, Thomas and Friends collection, Voltes V, Lego sets and more. Yohan is also fond of animals. In fact, he has a plastic box filled with different (small to medium) animal figures.

Last year, he got interested in collecting Puppy in My Pocket. At first, I was hesitant to buy him one because I thought they were only for girls because of its predominant pink packaging. I remember how sad Yohan's expression was when I told him. He asked me how come only girls can have puppy toys and not boys. I realized that he had a point. Coincidentally, Yohan found a huge box of Puppy in My Pocket at the mall with a picture of a boy and girl which he eagerly showed me. I didn't buy him one immediately. I waited for a nice moment to surprise him with a set of Puppy in My Pocket late last year. He also received a couple of other sets from relatives last Christmas.

The puppies come in cute plastic pink and blue little houses that can be combined together. For some reason, Yohan doesn't like the houses. He just likes the puppies. He keeps them in a tin can. The other day, my hubby decided to make a simple dog house for all of Yohan's puppies using poster board, scissors and glue. Here's how how he made it ...

Cutting and gluing the poster board pieces.

Making the final touches to the dog house.

Putting the puppies in their 'rooms'.

Final outcome after constant arranging and re-arranging of puppies.

Do you see the puppy in a tutu? It was given to him by his Tita Monet, along with other puppies. At first, he didn't want it because he said it looked "funny". He let me keep it aside for a while. Then one day, he just told me that he realized that the puppy in the tutu is a "performer" just like the other puppies with props. After that light bulb moment, he let the puppy in the tutu (whose name is Roxie) join his group of puppies again. I'm glad the isolated terrier was given another chance to join the gang. :)

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