Friday, March 20, 2009

Aloha Friday #63: Preschool Summer Tokens

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(edited: 6:29 P.M.: I decided to make this post as my Aloha Friday entry for this week.)

When was the last time you made a personalized card or gift for someone special?

I helped my son create some simple and easy to make 'summer tokens' or giveaways for his classmates and teachers. He gave away these decorated sticks last Wednesday which happened to be the last day of exams. It was my son's way of saying good bye to his classmates and welcoming the much anticipated summer break. Yohan gave his boy classmates the sun while he gave the butterflies to the girls. He also gave butterflies to his teachers.

Yohan's 'Summer Tokens' for his classmates and teachers.


  • cut-outs of sun
  • cut-outs of butterfly
  • Popsicle sticks
  • colored markers/pens
  • colored fuzzy wires
  • glue

  1. Prepare some cute computer cut-outs. My son chose sun and butterflies.

  2. Glue the sun on the Popsicle stick. Make as many as you want (depending on the number of recipients).

  3. Glue the butterfly on the Popsicle stick. For the butterfly antenna, use fuzzy wires. Simply twist the fuzzy wire into an antenna shape and glue it to the butterfly's head. Make as many as desired.

  4. You can personalize it by writing the recipient's name on the stick.

  5. Add a note at the back like "Have a fun summer vacation" and let your child sign his/her name.

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