Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Preparation

Yohan helped out in preparing Halloween loot bags for the kids. We made loot bags for Yohan's classmates and he had fun giving them away in school. We made more loot bags for the neighborhood Trick or Treat.

Jules made use of available materials to make Jack O' Lanterns.

Empty Water Jugs or Large Containers of Water
Orange Crepe Paper
Black Crepe Paper
Knife & Scissors

1. Cut the lid of water jugs.
2. Set aside the lid.
3. Cover the water jug using orange crepe and glue.
4. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth.
5. Glue the eyes, nose and mouth.
6. Glue the cover of the water container inside.
(It will serve as a mini platform for the candle.
7. Place small candle inside.
*Display outside the house. Remember not to leave burning candle unattended.*

Use the extra orange and black crepe paper to make hanging ghosts. Cut long strips of crepe paper and glue it around the lid of the water jug/container. Cut out large eyes and paste them to create funny looking ghosts. Hang them in front of the house.

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