Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Hunt :: I Love

Come and join the hunt here.

I Yohan

Thank you for all your visits. My hubby had some friends over last night. We were very happy because our son was an excellent "host". We were so surprised that he wasn't shy even though the guests were unfamiliar to him. Yohan was thrilled to have guests at our house and he acted like a one-little man-welcoming-committee. I wish I was able to capture it on video. Some brought their kids along and Yohan had a great time putting out his toys and playing with them. It was a great evening but a bit tiring so I wasn't able to go on-line last night.

Please forgive me if I'm very late with my visits these past few days. I've been a little busy. In fact, I'm hurrying because we'll be attending a wedding at Caleruega Church at Nasugbu Batangas today. I just couldn't miss today's photo hunt because I love the theme.

Happy weekend everyone! I'll make it up to all of you soon....

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