Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Mother's Frantic Heart

My heart was frantic when my son told me early this morning that his tummy was aching. It wasn't the usual stomach ache because the pain was persistent. He lied down on bed and told me how much his tummy hurt. I touched his hands and they were clammy. I knew something was wrong.

My husband was out in a badminton tournament but I couldn't wait for him. I hurriedly changed Yohan's clothes and mine and went to the nearby hospital with yaya. His pediatrician wasn't at the clinic today so I brought Yohan to the ER. The resident doctor requested for CBC and Urinalysis. I already had results of Yohan's Urinalysis because I had his urine examined yesterday upon the doctor's request (he had a check-up a day ago). You see, Yohan has been experiencing on and off fever for several days now.

I informed my MIL before leaving the house that I was bringing Yohan to the hospital. I was grateful that my MIL and Uncle followed us at the hospital.

Yohan cried when the nurse got a sample of his blood. We stayed outside the ER while I calmed him down. Deep inside I was really scared of the possibility of Dengue Fever. I know that persistent fever and stomach aches are its common symptoms.

Dengue fever is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows a benign rash. source

Even the hospital had large posters warning the public about the new symptoms brought by Dengue. Before a rash was an indication of Dengue but it seems it there has been a viral strain mutation and now, persistent fever and accompanied stomach aches are among the symptoms.

When the pediatrician on duty told me that the results were already there, I was scared of what I was about to hear. I was happy when they told me that Yohan's platelet count was normal. His Urinalysis however, indicated that his fever might be associated with bacterial infection and she gave us an antibiotic prescription. I asked if Yohan was already safe from the possibility of dengue but the doctor said that Yohan has to be monitored. He is scheduled for another CBC tomorrow and check-up with his pediatrician.

My heart feels heavy now but I pray that everything will turn out well. I trust God to protect my little one.

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