Monday, November 05, 2007

Tagged :: What's Inside My Wallet

I was tagged by Raquel of Home Worked to reveal what's inside my wallet.

Stuff inside my wallet:
  • several photos of my son Yohan
  • several credit cards
  • a few IDs (SSS, DLSU)
  • Time Zone card (our family enjoys playing arcade games)
  • several discount and membership cards
  • handful of coins (I have a separate coin purse)
  • a few Peso bills
  • an old $5 bill (Good Luck money my Mom placed inside another wallet she gave me years ago. I transferred that bill inside this wallet, also given to me by my mom last Christmas.)
  • Three Chinese Good Luck coins given to me by my husband last year.

I tagged the following ... Lex, MJ and Kay.

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