Sunday, November 11, 2007

No More Fear of Clowns

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Yohan has always been afraid of clowns. I think when he was younger, his first encounter with a clown wasn't a pleasant one. I remember we attended a birthday party before and the clown who was trying to be funny scared him a little. He probably never forgot about that incident. I'm glad that last Saturday, at the party of my niece, Sophia, Yohan had a change of heart where clowns are concerned.

At first, Yohan didn't want to go inside Dad's Restaurant (venue of the party) because he saw the clowns from the window. I told him there was nothing to be afraid of because they were just men with face painting just like the one he had on his face at that time (he had face paint from an earlier party).

I think it worked because he went inside with a little encouragement from his cousin, Tisha. As the birthday program progressed, Yohan became more comfortable with the clown party hosts.

I was so happy when Yohan agreed to have a photo taken with the clowns after the party. He had lost all his fear of them. Before the clowns left, Yohan thanked them for the great magic and bubble show.

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