Monday, November 26, 2007

Star Bloggers and More


I received this award from Ann of Me and My Angel. Thank you for your kind words ...
Rachel - Her blog is always informative about kids and parenting. Never a dull moment in her blog. It's so fascinating! I always learn a lot every time I visit her blog. And I learn a lot too from what his son, Yohan, does and says. ~ Ann K

I'm so happy you find my blog informative. I'm also grateful for the things you impart on your readers.

I would like to share this award to the following ...
  • Anna (BC Mom) - I learn many interesting things on her blog each time I visit. She's a terrific mom.
  • Sidney - A remarkable photographer who generously shares his works in his photoblog.
  • Janice - A star blogger and a star mom combined.


Thank you to Mary of GreyMom for this remarkable award. Let me share the wonderful things she wrote on her blog for her chosen recipients ...

The blogosphere is such a great place to put our thoughts in print. And to have someone critique, comment and offer insightful thoughts is something I look forward to every time. While it is true that I write without thinking whether or not someone might read it much less learn and relate to the same experiences I am going through, I am thankful for those people. I in turn learn a lot from other people’s blogs. And to make a connection, to be “friends” albeit virtually is always a joy ~ Mary

It feels wonderful to connect with people online and learn about different aspects of their lives. I value your friendship and grateful that you take time to visit me despite your busy schedule.

I would like to share this award to:
  • Cess - A lovely mom who dedicates her time for her family. She is very sweet and kindhearted.
  • Maria Rachelle - I admire her dedication to make a good life for herself and her children.
  • Teacher Julie - Never fails to show heartfelt concern by giving suggestions and advices, both personal and blog related.


Anna of Beth and Cory's Mom gave me a Community Blogger Award. It's heartwarming that you thought of me for this one.

The blogging community is truly great, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I've met so many wonderful people! ~ Anna
I also grateful to the friendships I formed online. I never expected that the joy of writing and sharing my personal thoughts will reward me wonderful friends like you.

I would like to share the following with ...
  • Junnie - His participation in community building activities is a reflection of his helpful nature.
  • Annamanila - She always makes quality visits, leaving you with well thought of comments. I'm grateful that she takes time to share her own experiences and thoughts.
  • Belle - I admire her sincere generosity for helping others especially the less fortunate.


I awarded Evi of The Butterfly journal an I ♥ UR Blog award and to my delight she gave me one too. Such a sweet circle of appreciation. Thank you Evi!

I love joining you on virtual trips to the wonderful places you go with your family. I wish someday I can also travel with my hubby and son and discover beautiful wonders of the world.

... because it exudes enthusiasm. Rach, your blog is full of interaction and inspires me to get into the groove when I feel like I'm bored and tired of blogging ~ Evi

I would like to share this with ...
  • Misty Dawn - I feel blessed by her kind and sweet nature. Her affection for her dogs is a reflection of her nurturing character.
  • Kailani - It's always fun to visit her because she shares interesting discoveries in the blogosphere like cool contests and giveaways. She is also the sweet host behind Aloha Friday.
  • Cookie - I love her carefree attitude in life. She is blessed with two beautiful girls. She's a very cool mom!


Thank you Jo for this lovely award.

  • Ann K - I love her positive attitude in life and her dedication to her adorable son, Dwyn.
  • Liz - A sweet natured mom who I'm honored to have met through blogging.
  • Jenny - A fabulous mom to two gorgeous daughters. Her success in paid blogging is inspiring.
Misty Dawn

I feel blessed to receive so many awards from Misty Dawn and it warms my heart that she has given me more. I feel grateful and honored.

Misty said that this award is from Mel of Monday Morning Powers and she dedicates it to blogs who display positive winning attitudes on their blogs!

I would like to pay it forward to ...
  • Christianne - A loving mother that I really admire. Her lovely daughter Annika is her motivation.
  • Mike - A brilliant writer! You have to visit him to read his excellent stories.
  • Tani - A lovely mom of two handsome boys. I admire her efforts in pursuing her dreams in life by pursuing her studies.

Misty also gave me the following ...

She wrote this lovely poem to show how thankful she is the opportunity to discover wonderful friendships.

I would like to share these awards to the following ...
  • Vicki - She never fails to warm my heart with her kind and gracious words.
  • Connie - I love her beautiful smile. She is naturally sweet and very thoughtful.
  • Grams - A sweet lady with a generous heart that I'm happy to have met through blogging.
Believe it or not, all of the above things can be performed virtually... across the cyber-blogosphere wires. I know, because you have all done these things for me.
Thank you. ~ Misty


of Welcome to My World

I would like to share both awards to these sexy and gorgeous moms ...

  • Auee - She is a sweet and hardworking mom who travels a lot to give the best for her family.
  • Rowena - A real gem of a friend that I have yet to meet in person. Her daily visits is something I always look forward to.
  • Chats - She inspired me to take better care of my health by engaging in a good exercise routine. A really cool mom!

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