Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Benefits of Reading Aloud

I always buy Yohan books and make it a point to read the stories aloud to him. I started reading to him very young and he has developed a liking to books. Yohan likes books with colorful pictures. After reading the story loud to him, he would borrow the book and try to tell the story again based on the photos.

I realized that there are many benefits of reading aloud to children.

1. It is a great bonding time activity between you and your child.

2. Making the voices of the characters alive by reading the lines aloud using appropriate tones and feelings helps the child visualize the story.

3. This kind of reading activity enhances a child's listening skills.

4. Reading aloud greatly encourages a child's attentiveness. Adding emotion to the stories and using different voices for characters are great ways to get a child to focus on the story.

5. By asking some questions about the story, you help develop your child's comprehension.

6. It also helps build a child's vocabulary. When your child encounters a word for the first time, define it as simple as possible and give some examples.

7. Reading aloud is fun and something that the whole family can enjoy together.

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