Monday, January 14, 2008

Heads or Tails #17

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- Any word that starts with the letter C
  1. Chocolate Cake - My hubby's first try in baking a chocolate cake. It was a small and simple three layered cake. Everyone in the house loved it.

  2. Cones - Enjoying our favorite ice-cream on cones. Fruits In Cream (FIC) Mangoes 'n Cream and Mint Pistachio.
  3. Crocs - Early last year our favorite footwear was Crocs. Sadly, fake Crocs and replicas are now available in the market.

  4. Chapel - This is St. Marc's Chapel in Los Banos Laguna, Philippines. A lovely chapel without walls surrounded by a beautiful garden. It's perfect for meditation and contemplation. It is also famous for garden weddings.

  5. Caramel Apples - A sweet discovery last year.

  6. Crabs - My hubby and I are fond of eating crabs. This is our favorite Schezhuan Crab at The Red Crab.

  7. Christmas - Yohan's favorite time of the year. Photos taken last Christmas 2007.

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