Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen : I Love You in Different Languages

Image Hosted by Valentine's Day is just a few weeks ahead. Romance is in the air so I was inspired to do some research about different ways of saying I Love You. I found the following on the internet. Just in case you found one that is not correct, kindly let me know. If your country is not included, I'd love to know how you say I Love You in your country.

Image Hosted by Thirteen Ways to Say I Love You Image Hosted by

  1. I love You. - English
  2. Mahal Kita. – Filipino
  3. Je t'aime – French
  4. Ich liebe dich – German
  5. Aloha au ia'oe – Hawaiian
  6. Szeretlek – Hungarian
  7. Ngo oi ney or Wo ai ni – Chinese
  8. Ik hou van je – Dutch
  9. Saya cinta padamu – Indonesian
  10. Ai shite ru or Kimi o ai shiteru – Japanese
  11. Sarang hapnida – Korean
  12. Gwa ai lee – Taiwanese
  13. Seni seviyorum - Turkish

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