Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rediscover Connections with People

The internet has evolved into a powerful tool in doing a multitude of things. The continuous improvement in technology makes way to great possibilities. Take for instance, the task of locating a person. It used to be so tedious, time consuming and expensive to search for people. Technology has made such a task easier. You can now search online for a person using available data that you have such as name, e-mail, line of work, personal attributes and more.

If you are looking for someone but do not know where to begin, you can start by using Spock. It is a search network that allows you to find people on the internet. You can save valuable resources such as time, money and effort. You are free to personalize searches on Spock. You can make a specific search according to a number of criteria such as line of work or industry a person belongs to. Personalizing searches will give you narrowed down results, giving you a greater chances of finding someone quicker. For example, if a company is looking for an accountant, it can browse through Spock using the word accountant and find some qualified applicants. The company can narrow it down further by including the city or state they prefer. Let’s say the company wants another special criteria, then it can just include it in the search. For example, it can include the word CPA and it will then yield search results of accountants with CPA title.

Spock has an impressive people search database. The site offers a useful widget that you can post on your site. It will display search results according to your choice. I personally signed up on this site. I like the feature that allows you to build your own network. I can connect with trusted contacts and have the privilege of searching within their network. This kind of network building gives you a chance to rediscover people you have lost touch with. You can find old friends, relatives, classmates and colleagues. It is a great tool to stay connected with significant people in your life.

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