Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tagged :: Yohan's 1st Meme

Yohan has been tagged by Luis, lovable son of Sanni of Coffee 2 go and by Matthew, charming son of Charlotte.

It's Yohan first meme and we're both excited to share these 8 random things about him ...

Yohan's 8 Random Things ...

1. I'm in Nursery (Pre-school) at The Nazareth School. Photo courtesy of Yohan's teacher.

2. I turned 4 years old last July 18, 2007.

3. I want to be a chef when I grow up.

4. I love collecting Thomas and Friends.

5. I am fond of animals. I love going to the zoo. When I was a year old, I sat on the back of an ostrich and touched a tiger cub at a petting zoo we visited.

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6. I can't explain it but I'm afraid of mascots. I don't mind waving at them from a distance but I don't like to go near them.

7. I enjoy doing all sorts of crafts.

8. For some reason, people like giving me nicknames. My mom said I'm her "treasure" at the end of the rainbow. Teacher Renn said I'm her "hero."

Yohan with Teacher Renn.

On behalf of Yohan I would like to tag the following:

Pio (through Wenchie)
Ipan Jr. (through Cess)
Julian (through Julie)
Jacob (through Tita Princess)
Patricia (through Jo)
Gaby (through Cookie)
Patchy (through Chats)
Zac (through Janice)

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