Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greeting 2008 With Awards

I would like to thank Misty Dawn for giving me this You Cheer Me Up Award. I would like to return the compliment by letting you know that you also cheer me up every time you visit my blog. I appreciate all your kind words.

I would like to thank the following for constantly giving me wonderful remarks and compliments on my blog. You always make me smile.
I received this Blog Friend Forever Award from Alice. It's always an honor to know that you are appreciated by someone. Thanks Alice for always keeping me in your thoughts. I'm grateful for your friendship.

A new beginning is always exciting. Every start is worth anticipating. I'm hopeful that a great start will lead to better things. Meeting new friends is something to be grateful for that's why I would like to share this award with my new blog friends.

Amy of Our Funky Life
Bing of My Treasures

Girlie of Hip N Cool Momma

Hope to get to know you more. I hope that the friendship will continue.

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