Thursday, January 03, 2008

Heaviness Uplifted

Oh why is it, when you are sick,
I feel so helpless?
I find my own strength gone,
My spirit down.

Back and forth I pace,
My worries get the better of me.
Thud ... Thud ...
My heart becomes frantic.

As you get better,
I become enlightened.
I feel the heaviness inside lessen,
My smile coming back.

~Rachel ~

Thank you again to everyone who prayed for my son. His fever came back the morning of January 1, 2008. Perhaps, he got a little excited on New Year's Eve which brought back the fever. I was sad that on the first day of the year Yohan was sick. We brought him to his pediatrician yesterday and he is better again today. He really needs to rest. School starts next week and I hope that he will be completely well by then.

I appreciate your visits and kind words. Please pardon me if I haven't done much visiting. I'll make it up soon. Take care!

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