Sunday, January 06, 2008

PMN January Fam Pic :: At Play

PMN Fam Pic Theme for January:
Playing Junior My First Scrabble

This is one of the gifts that Yohan received for Christmas. It's a Junior My First Scrabble given to him by his classmate, Christian. I think it's a wonderful present because it's fun and educational at the same time. It's a perfect way for Yohan to learn new words. In the picture, he is figuring out how to spell the word fox by pronouncing the letters. With some help, he was able to spell four new words.

** To be updated later to include PMN Fam Pic Round Up for January 2008 **

updated (1/07/2008): Sorry I stand corrected, it's not Junior Scrabble but My First Scrabble.

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