Monday, May 26, 2008

Yohanism #22

My parents brought home some live crabs from the province. Yohan was excited and kept insisting everyone that he wanted to see a crab walk "funny" on the floor. He finds it so amusing that crabs walk sideways. Yaya (nanny) put a long string on the smallest crab and gave it to Yohan. We weren't worried because we knew that Yohan understands that a crab has strong claws and he was not supposed to touch it.

We were busy fixing the rest of the food that my parents brought home when we heard Yohan talking ...

Yohan: "Come Sammy." I knew instantly that he was talking to the crab.

Me: "Yohan, please don't name the crab because he can't be your pet. We will cook it with the others later."

Yohan: "But Sammy is a nice name for a crab."

Jules (to me): "Naku, baka umiyak yan mamya." (He might cry later.)

Good thing Yohan did not cry when it was time to cook the crabs. We had live crabs at the house before so I guess he knew what was going to happen to "Sammy".

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