Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Are You Fond of Horror Movies?

I love watching different kinds of movies. I like comedy, romance, action adventures and horror movies. I like watching horror movies although to tell you the truth, I get easily frightened. My over active imagination often kicks in right after I watch a horror film. I don't know why despite this, I still enjoy watching horror movies.

I just watched the movie clip of Frontier(s) and I was shocked by the sudden gruesome sequences. I was terribly surprised by the intense graphic scenes. I realized it's not the usual type of thriller that I watch but this Horror Movie has been receiving a lot of hype in the movie industry. You can see this movie trailer at http://www.frontiersunrated.com but please be advised that the movie clip may not be suitable for all audiences.

Frontier(s) is directed by Xavier Gens. If you like intense and graphic horror movies, you can watch the uncut and unrated version in select theater listings on May 9, 2008. You also have the choice of watching this horror movie at the comfort of your own home. The film is scheduled to be released on DVD by Lionsgate on Tuesday May 13, 2008. Horror movie fans can add this film to their collection of DVDs.

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