Friday, May 09, 2008

A Balance of Comfort and Style

One of my favorite celebrities is Drew Barrymore. I love her carefree attitude in life. For me, she has a great sense of style. She can look fabulous in a simple white shirt and blue denims and she can look stunning in a formal dress. She can look so pretty in anything she wears. I love Drew Barrymore's sweet smile and cute laugh. She can easily make anyone laugh with her funny remarks and she can make someone fall in love with her charm and wit.

How I wish I could be as comfortable and confident as she is. When I choose my clothes, the first thing that I consider is comfort. I believe that when you're comfortable in what you are wearing, you can be more confident in what you're doing. When you're at ease with your clothes, it eliminates feeling of awkwardness and chances are you can be more efficient in what you do. Style is very important as well. A good sense of style can give a person a positive and confident attitude.

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