Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yohanism #20 - Flu Shot

Hubby and I brought Yohan to the pediatrician the other day for a flu shot. The last time Yohan had a shot, I didn't tell him about it and he became very upset. This time, I told him in advance what to expect. I told him the truth about the injection and promised to hold him tight during the shot. I also promised him a treat if he tries his best to be brave. I said it was alright to cry but no more shouting this time and he agreed.

Everything went well at the clinic. Yohan sat on my lap while the doctor gave him the flu shot. He cried but he was more composed this time. He even gave his doctor one of his drawings which pleased Dr. S very much.

Inside the car ...

Me: "I'm so proud of you for being so brave. See, I told you the flu shot was just like a quick ant bite."

Yohan: With tears running down his face he looks at me. "No, it was terrible! It was like a tiger bite!"

I guess I was trying to downplay the pain he experienced and Yohan wanted to make sure I understood that it was a hundred times more painful than an ant bite.

I asked him where he wanted to go after that and he chose Jollibee (local counterpart of McDonald's). He had spaghetti, fries and he shared some of my ice-cream. Yohan was delighted with his Iron Man watch that came with the kiddie meal.

A day that started with some tears and ended with a smile.

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