Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #28

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Last Sunday, Jules and I picked up my parents at the domestic airport. They just spent a week at the province (Roxas City). Before heading home, we were invited by my Uncle Danny and Aunt Joy to have breakfast with them at Ayala Alabang Country Club.

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My Uncle Danny and Aunt Joy have always been thoughtful and kind to our family. It was a pleasure seeing them again. My Uncle Danny, who is a renowned dermatologist is my mom's first cousin. It was nice hearing them reminisce about their childhood days.

When my Aunt Joy learned that I'm into blogging, her face lit with excitement. She said that she heard how blogging has become a powerful tool in advertising and she's very interested in learning more about it. My Aunt Joy happens to be the IPRA (International Public Relations Association) Philippine chapter chairman and Pres. and CEO of Buensalido & Associates Public Relations. She is also the author of the remarkable book, 100 Women of the Philippines. She was very sweet to give us signed copies of her book and this is what she wrote on mine ...

Dear Rachel & Jules,

I'm so happy to know that you also love to write - in an entirely new medium which I know will be a strong influence on future generations.

May this book (which was my dream project) inspire you to also continue writing and bring out the best in every Filipino woman.

I dedicate this book to all women including you.

Tita Joy

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