Friday, May 23, 2008

Meaning of Nouveau Riche

Social status refers to a person's wealth and power in the society. Some people think that social status has an important bearing in life. Even decades ago, social status has been a measure of how you are perceived in society. In the past, the ruling class have claimed superiority in the society because of the wealth and power that have been passed on to them from generation to generation. The term Nouveau Riche is French for "new rich". This may be used to refer to a person belonging to lower socioeconomic rank then suddenly rising to a higher rank because of an accumulation of wealth during his generation. You may have encountered the saying, "rising from rags to riches". In the past, the ruling class looked down on the Nouveau Riches. Despite their wealth, the ruling class did not warmly accept them in their circle.

I believe that today, more people view Nouveau Riche in a more positive light. Imagine how remarkable it is when a bad situation turns 360 degrees. I find it amazing how some people manage to reverse their bad situation into the best possible way. The Nouveau Riche University is a company working to help people achieve Nouveau Riche.

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